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Questions and Answers

Does the treatment hurt?

No. The chiropractic manipulation that is performed is a pain free process for the patient. Most of the adjustment is a passive treatment that allows the patient to lie on their back or stomach in a comfortable position while the treatment is being done

Do we prescribe medications?

No. As chiropractors we do not prescribe medications for our patients.

Does it require surgery?

No. As chiropractors we do no surgery. We accept patients who have previously had surgery, but we are trying to deliver the best treatment to our patients so that they can avoid surgery.

What services are offered?

The chiropractic adjustment is done by hands on spinal manipulation as well as by the activator. The activator is a special instrument that is used to help move the vertebra. Both doctors are efficient at several different adjusting techniques and will use the one that they think will work for you the best. Although our main method of treatment is spinal manipulation, we also use other therapies to help treat our patients.

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