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I had a dirt bike accident, injuring my neck. the next day after the accident I had a severe headache, I could not hardly stand to bend over and tie my shoes or pick something up off the floor. I let the headache go for one week, thinking it would go away on its own. After one week of constant headaches I decided to do something about it. After making my appointment, I told Dr. Jeff the problems I was having. He asked questions and listened to my story. then we took some x-rays to see if anything was beyond repair. Luckily things were just out of whack. Within two adjustment things were already feeling better. I can now bend over without my head feeling like its going to explode. Ive had 5 adjustments so far and I think it wont be long till I'll be back on my motorcycle. If something like this happens to you or if you just have a severe headache. Don't wait a week like I did. Have Dr. Jeff take a look at the problem and fix it.        Kevin

I came in to see Dr. Jeff because I was having neck pain and have not been able to open my jaw for years. I was adjusted with an activator on my neck. After the series of adjustments I was able to eat tomatoes without cutting them and without pain. Before I came in I could not move my neck without a lot of pain. Now I can move my head without pain and can work in my rose garden again.        Wilbur

I could hardly get up and stand. It was hard to walk. It was like it was froze up. The pain was terrible. They were very pleasant and helpful and took X-rays before anything was done. They explained everything so you understood what they were going to do. After the first treatment the pain was less. I could move up and down in a chair and walk better. After each treatment the pain and movement was even better. If anyone had a problem like this I would tell them to see your Chiropractor. They can help so much!        Carolyn

I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and disc bulges in my lower back. After I get adjusted I feel like dancing a jig.        Chuck

I had very sore hips after a fall it was painful. Also I suffered from "restless leg Syndrome" With the use of hot packs and gently adjustments the pain became less severe, also the RLS was not as bad as in the bast but still occurred. The soreness in the hip and back was reduced. I would advice somebody with my same condition to keep up the frequent adjustments and use the hot packs plus the exercises and a daily walk helps also.        Mona

I was in a car accident where another truck ran out in front of me. I had alot of pain in my neck and upper back. I could not move my neck. I was in intense pain and muscle relaxers and pain meds were not helping. I also had headaches, could not sleep, stand, walk, or get comfortable. I had some tingling in my hands and feet and shooting pains. Dr. Tucker was very careful with me. I was scared and skeptical but now I am so glad I came. My doctors were not understanding or helpful in getting me well but Dr. Tucker has made me feel so much better. Everyone here has been so great to me. I had never been to a chiropractor before but now I will recommend it to everyone I know if they need help. My headaches don't happen as frequently or as bad now. I can move my head again. I always feel so much better after my treatment and adjustments. I have better overall motion now since the accident but I still need continued treatment. The faster you get started with treatment and adjustments the faster you will feel better and get well. I think if I would not have come here and listened to my other doctors I would still be in a lot of pain and unable to do the things that I do now.        Laura

I was taking about 6-8 Tylenol a day for the last couple years for my headaches. I also had right forearm pain. After the first visit my arm pain was gone. Now I am down to taking zero to 1 Tylenol a day.        Steve

I had lower back pain, right hip pain down my right leg, carpel tunnel in both wrist and right knee pain. The staff has always been professional, helpful, and friendly. Dr. Tucker spent a great deal of time on the first visit explaining my problem and how he planned to help me. He is always gentle and explains what he is doing. I have been very encouraged by him. I felt relief from the first visit. I felt overwhelmed at times by the pain. I had seen two doctors in the past year and was told that it was from arthritis in my hip. (Dr. Tucker was the 1st doctor to explain what arthritis was.) I was taking 6-8 aspirins a day. Now, no aspirins, very little pain in my wrists, pain in my hip is much better. Now my drive home at the end of the day is great.        Janie

I had a disc problem in my lower back and a pulled muscle. Dr. Jeff explained everything really well, I am the very skeptical type but his adjustments work. I have had this problem several time sin the past and never has it eased up this quick and this is my first time to treat it with chiropractic care.        Jerry

I had pain in the groin area and numbness and tingling in the same leg. It hurt to walk, sit, stand, or lay down. Dr. Jeff did an exam and evaluation on my spine and determined that I had several areas in the spine out of alignment. He explained to me how the nerves ran out of the spine and down into the groin area and how being out of alignment can cause pain in nerves in the groin area. When I went in for my first adjustment I would say my pain was about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. After 5 adjustments, my pain is around a 3. I am feeling better and less pain after each treatment. I would recommend that someone with my same condition seek out chiropractic care. Not only am I receiving relief from my symptoms, but also I am having the cause of the problem treated. Treatments have been basically pain free. The results of my chiropractic care are pain relief and an overall sense of well-being since I am feeling better.         Andrea

I had pain and numbness down my left leg from my hip to my ankle. My back hurt to sit, stand, or walk. Walking was becoming difficult. I had gone to a GP and got painkillers but I could not take them because they made me sleepy and sick to my stomach. After my exam it was determined I had a bulging disc. I later had an MRI, which I found out the same thing. A plan was made for me to come in every day for adjustments and I was given exercises to also do at home. I felt like my pain was addressed and not dismissed. At fist I felt as if my visits were not helping. I seemed to be getting worse. Dr. Jeff kept reminding me I would begin to heal it was just going to take time, and it did, a few weeks later I was able to stand and walk better. Then the numbness started going away. I did also see a neurosurgeon and all he suggested was surgery, which was my last resort, my chiropractic care has been a long process but it has saved me from drastic surgery and given me home for my problems!        Anna

For 15 years I suffered from shoulder and back pain. My wrist had recently started to swell and form this large calcium deposit that was painful. My other doctor just gave me pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills and told me it was arthritis. I was to the point that I would try anything. After a few treatments I had full range of motion back in my shoulder and my back was much better. My wrist swelling went down and was 95% better. I would recommend you try chiropractic before considering surgery.        Shane

I had pain and numbness in my right hip and arm. I could not walk or sit very long including shopping or ridding in a car. I had hip pain for 3 1/2 years and it was getting more frequent and worse. My family doctor recommended hip replacement surgery. Dr. Jeff gave me various adjustments and home exercises. After 6 treatments I had no numbness in my hip or arm and my pain was gone. I can walk and sit much better and I do not have to lift my leg in and out of a car anymore. It goes in on its own now. I would advise somebody to see Dr. Tucker before considering surgery. Aging does not have to hurt.        Bonnie

I could not move my neck and was having pain from the shoulder area over to in between the shoulder blades. Everyone was wonderful and worked as gently as possible to relieve my pain as quickly as possible. My pain was at a 10+ and after 3 visits my pain was down to about a 5 and going down by the day. I could sleep again without waking up in pain during the night. My advise to somebody is go see Dr. Tucker it is well worth the drive and the doctors and staff will take very good care of you.        Amanda

My left leg had no feeling in it and it felt like I had a wood leg which made me walk with that left foot plop plop as it hit the ground. I had and MRI at the doctor's office and they could not locate the problem. They said I would have to live with it. After following through with Dr. Tucker's treatment plan I have feeling back in my leg and no longer place my foot on the ground with a plop plop. I would advise anyone to get a spine adjustment even if the MRI does not show a problem with their back.        Sam

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