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New Patient Center

In the waiting rooms and the examination rooms are TVs with informative and interesting facts about Chiropractic. There are pamphlets and booklets for you to view and/or take home. We know that if you are informed, you will be able to help with your own recovery,

We view treatment as an interactive process, so you can ask questions and express your needs at any time. Nothing will be done in our clinic without your consent.

We also welcome your questions, so that you can understand your treatment better. We may make recommendations for exercises, postural changes, or ergonomics improvements that will reinforce the benefits of your treatment

Treatment begins with an initial consultation and examination in which our doctors can learn about you and your condition, and you can discuss your concerns. Treatments may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy and/or soft tissue massage.

A typical office visit will take 15-10 minutes. If you receive physical therapy, that will take an additional 12-15 minutes. Periodically we will do a progress exam to evaluate your response to chiropractic care and individualize your care plan.

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